Sunday, February 15, 2009


"i'll never simply leave you baby... this i promise you..."

Thanks for the day baby :)

I'm glad you're alright and that you're safe in one piece...

Things may seem pretty all stress up now...

but Hey! It's not the end of the road kay? ;)

You still have me by your side no matter what...

Hang in there baby... things will turn out just fine.

Trust me on this ;)

Once again, thanks for everything! ;)


Friday, February 13, 2009

i want my drug!

Monday, February 9, 2009

"so what are we now?"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I ran under the rain yesterday.
Yup! i did =D and it was awesome ;)

my class ended around 5 something. Suppose to end at 8 ish but because we all ended our presentation early, so yea...

Right after class, me and the bunch of college mates head over to Sushi Zenmai to have our breakfast cum lunch cum dinner meal lol. Well, at least for me cause I haven't had any meal back then and it was 6 ish by the time we reach there. Had my favorite Japanese green tea ice cream =D. It's been awhile since i last had one. Back then i had it like almost every day while i was staying at the aunts place, at Desa Park City. I kinda miss that place. I miss hangging out around coffee bean, chilling with the laptop lol. Meeting up elaine, and of cause the shoppings hahahaha.

Anyway, so yea... i had my ice cream =D and i was happy hehe... (like small kid, i noe XD) Then i took 3 ala carte dish from the roller (i hope i called it right lol)... you know that thingy that transport the dish from one place to another? lol anyway i ordered 3 dish la lol with a glass of hot green tea =) sooo zen lol along with 4 great companion ;) those jakuns looked at me like one of a kind while i was eating my sushi lol. Cause, kenny, my lil leng chai friend, apparently she's a noob at eating wasabi lol. Cant even stand the smell of it and i wonder why. Wasabi is awesome la my dear. My other friends too. I felt like a wasabi guru on that table... HAHAHAHA wtf? lol

Ohwells, after the meal, felt like shopping around Sunway since i felt loaded at the moment lol but it started to rain and i didn't wanna be caught under the rain and like get stuck in Sunway. Besides it's getting late.. it was around 7 i think. By the time i start shopping around with the bunch, I'll be heading home late and i didn't really want that. Plus, I've promised mum that ill be coming home early yesterday to help her set the prayer table up for some praying season later that day. Head over to Nico's house and waited for Vincent. Once arrived, we hop into his car, only to realized that his car headlight was on the whole day since he arrived college lol. What a bummer. We tried to start his car but sadly, the battery died and well, we needed someone to help us jump start the car. If only Vincent had that jump start cable in his car lol. Luckily, friends were there and we all decided to push the car under the rain. There isn't any other things we could do at that moment other than to push the car la so yea we did. Along with Wayne, Lydia, while Vincent tried to start the car. Ended up failed lol. At last, wayne started to call Foo [oh! my macho leader LOL] for help who happen to stay walking distance from Nico's house =D

Mins later, Foo came to the rescue, he had the jump start cable in his car and well, after half an hour or so, the car is fixed! hahaha. There's alot of things that had happen la in between what I've just stated above. Im pretty lazy to state everything all out cos first, I'm having a very bad headache now. Mum said it's the rain so i guess that explains everything lol. I just woke up not long ago and well, afer this post, I'll be back doing my intern project. It's 4.10 pm now so go figure what time i woke up today? lol so why bother to pen this all out? Cause it's my first time, trying to jump start a car, while running under the rain with friends lol (i noe, like small kid kan?)

This remind me of something. I had another story which i guess i have not shared it over here with you readers of 'The Littlemei's'. It's regarding my attempt 01 of making a police report about car theft, behind my college area. Of cos not soo heroic la lol. Along with my friend VJ. Will blog about it in the next post i guess ;)

Tomorrow I'll be meeting up Elaine, and hopefully we will be able to find her ballroom dance shoe... dont feel like heading up to college tomorrow. Graduation campaign class just simply bores the shit out of me. Till then, tata.

*heads back to work*

ps: and I've bummed into you...

"Do you like flowers?"
"Can i buy you a plant?"

"If flower will die..."
"If plant you can grow it lolz..."


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